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Deadpool Might Take Over Stan Lee’s Cameos In The MCU

According to a trusted insider, Deadpool may take over Stan Lee's cameos in the MCU after the release of Deadpool 3, which we know is on the way.


The Stan Lee cameo has been a cherished tradition in Marvel movies for a long time now. But with the iconic comic book creator no longer with us, it seems a new tradition may be about to take its place. Namely, the Deadpool cameo.

At least, that’s according to insider Roger Wardell, who’s got a proven track record when it comes to Marvel scoops, accurately leaking a lot of information about Endgame last year, while also dropping several other nuggets over the past little while that’ve proven to be true.

Taking to Twitter earlier this month – on what seems to be a new and presumably, replacement, account – he shared the following bit of information:

Marvel considering to utilize Deadpool for brief cameos after DP3 release. Stan Lee will continue to show up in more sophisticated and subtle manner.

Wardell seems to be saying here that Deadpool is going to take over the traditional Stan Lee cameos while Lee himself will continue to be included but given that he’s no longer alive, his appearances will be more subtle. So, probably something like his face on a poster, or a painting or photo of him in the background somewhere. Stuff like we’ve already seen. For instance, Stan appears in graffiti art in Deadpool 2.

In some ways, this idea actually makes a lot of sense given that the meta-humored Wade Wilson is one of the rare Marvel heroes who can get away with breaking the laws of continuity. Then again, some people may not like the thought of Deadpool stepping in for the beloved Stan Lee and may feel that no one should replace his cameos – even if Lee will still be used in a subtle manner.

Tell us, though, what do you make of this? Is it a good idea? And should Marvel go ahead with it? Let us know down below.

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