Deadpool Trolls Hugh Jackman Hard Over The 10 Year Challenge


The latest meme to catch on across social media is the 10 Year Challenge, which encourages folks to compare selfies of themselves from back in 2009 and the present day. If you were wondering when Hugh Jackman was going to do one, then wonder no more, as the Deadpool Twitter account has got it covered.

The official Twitter page for the Merc with a Mouth shared a particularly hilarious yet heartbreaking twist on the meme today. “Hey @RealHughJackman,” the tweet read, “took care of your “Ten Year Challenge” for you.” Accompanying the caption was a shot of Wolverine looking badass from 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine and then a shot of his grave from 2017’s Logan.

This is a pretty cruel joke from the Deadpool social media team for those of us still grieving the loss of the once-immortal mutant. It’s definitely in keeping with the DP brand, though, with the films and Ryan Reynolds himself endlessly poking fun at Hugh Jackman and his clawed alter-ego.

In fact, Deadpool 2 referenced both of these movies. The pic opened with a model of Logan’s grisly death that happened to be in Wade Wilson’s apartment. One of the time-traveling post-credits scenes then saw DP go back to X-Men Origins in order to kill the terrible version of himself from that movie, and a clever use of archival footage here gave us the first appearance of Wolverine in the Deadpool franchise.

It’ll likely be the only one, too. Despite Reynolds’ incessant attempts to get Jackman back in the saddle, the Australian actor has maintained that he’s called it a day on playing Wolverine. Even the impending merger with Marvel Studios, which will likely mean that Jackman’s dream of Logan battling the Hulk could come true, doesn’t seem to be enough to sway him. But then again, you know what they say, right? Never say never.