Deadpool VFX Breakdown Reveals That It Took Five Actors To Bring Colossus To Life


Considering the fact that Deadpool had a budget of only $58 million, the special effects were flawless. That more than likely has a lot to do with the fact that VFX expert Tim Miller was at the helm, and today, a new video is taking us inside the creation of one of the film’s most impressive achievements: Colossus.

The completely CGI character looked a million times better than he did in any of the previous X-Men movies (including 2014’s Days of Future Past), but it turns out that it took five actors in order to bring him to life in such a convincing fashion. Those included one on set in a motion capture costume, Stefan Kapicic as the voice, a facial model, and another motion capture actor in the studio. More details on the roles they all played can be found in the video above, and it’s a fascinating watch.

Of course, it’s no real surprise that Colossus looked as good as he did when Miller was responsible for creating that magnificent opening credits sequence for David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and following the box office success of the first instalment, the higher budget Deadpool sequel will no doubt end up being even more impressive when it comes to special effects.

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