The Death Knell For 3D? Sony Going To Make Us Pay For Glasses

Well well, turns out James Cameron‘s idiotic dream of most films being in 3D in the next three years is quietly going down the toilet, along with audience desire to see 3D plummeting like a lead balloon. Three high profile 3D movies over the summer only gained a third of their revenue from 3D, and now Sony have made an announcement that is highly likely to backfire.

The Hollywood Reporter is telling us that Sony have notified theatres that they will stop paying for the 3D glasses effective May 1st, 2012. This means that on top of the already high ticket prices to watch 3D movies, you, the cinema goer, will have to pay for the glasses so you can watch the movie. It’s like paying for a coffee and then having to pay an extra price on top for the luxury of a cup.

Interestingly though, this move comes about because they have two massive franchise reboots coming that summer. Men in Black III and The Amazing Spider-Man, both those franchises being massive money makers. The problem is however, whether audiences will want to see those films in 3D. We already know that people do not want 3D, only studios do.

A recent UK poll saw that only 19% of audiences think that 3D improves the movie going experience and 52% of the audience would prefer it without the glasses. So essentially what Sony are doing is making a business decision that entirely contradicts what the audience wants, and for a business which relies entirely on the consumer, it is a mind bogglingly stupid move.

3D is coming to an end, I know that if I had to pay another cost on top of the already bloated ticket price I would sooner see the film in 2D. 3D does actually nothing apart from draw your eyes to floating bits of debris. The only parts of Avatar or Tangled that were genuinely stereoscopically impressive were when small things were floating around. Whether it be the jellyfish like glowing creatures or the lanterns.

The argument that Avatar shows us 3D is the future is now void. That film was a phenomenon and its 3D success is yet to be repeated. With Sony making this terribly foolish move, will other studios follow? And if so, how will audiences react?

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  1. Chad Goodmurphysays:

    In Canada, we’re already paying $13 for a 3D movie. At least, at Ciniplex Odeon which is the closest theatre to me. Normal movies are around $10, so I’m not sure if the glasses are already considered.

    3D is a gimmick. It’s okay, but I wouldn’t miss it. Even in gaming.

  2. Itsnotjustaboutyousays:

    Articles like this really aggrivate me.  It is obvious that the author is biased, and does not like 3D.  However, there are plenty of us out here that DO like 3D, and feel that it adds tremendously to the immersion factor of the experience.  I have a question for those of you that complain about 3D…do you not have a CHOICE as to whether you wish to see a movie in 2D or 3D??  Where I live, we can CHOOSE to view a movie in 3D or 2D.  If you have those same choices, why are you so obviously pissed off that 3D even exists?  If you don’t like 3D, then go watch the movie in 2D, and quit being so vocal about your opinion…you are not going to make those that DO like 3D turn against it…This strikes me as yet another example of the extremely vocal majority wanting to take away options from others just because they may not like or agree with them. 

    1. The irony of this comment is fantastic. And of course its opinion, I offer my opinion on it and I think its bad. You don’t. Good for you.

      And no there’s no option in my area to see a 3D film in 2D. Because of the limited number of screens in my local cinema.

      1. Itsnotjustaboutyousays:

        Stating your opinion on 3D is certainly your right, as it is mine, and everyone else’s.   However, some of your statements seem to come across as a stated fact, such as “3D is coming to an end,” “we already know that people do not want 3D,” and “3D does actually nothing apart from draw your eyes to floating bits of debris.” 

        In your previous article “Top Gun is Coming in 3D,” you mention that “it is on the decline” and list some films that “garnered higher ticket sales in 2D rather than 3D overall.”  Do you think that for 3D to remain a viable choice that ticket sales of 3D must be stronger than ticket sales of 2D?  I’m not sure this would ever happen, especially not in this economy.  However, why can’t 2D and 3D co-exist?  I and many others love 3D as much as you seem to hate it.

        Another thing I find misleading is pointing out 3D movies (like Fright Night, Conan the Barbarian, and Spy Kids 4) that didn’t do well.  When movies themselves suck, 3D is NOT going to save them.  Whenever a statement like this is made, why not list an equal number of 2D movies that bombed as well?  It seems like that would draw a more fair comparison.

        Watching 3D blu-rays on my 3D television is a completely engrossing experience.  Some of them are better than others, of course, and I’m not denying that. However, I think that there are many of us that will agree that it is an amazing experience to view Imax 3D movies such as “Under the Sea,” “Deep Sea 3D,” “Space Station 3D” and “Grand Canyon Adventures.” In my opinion, the immersion factor is incredible, and a true feeling of “being there” exists. 

        3D movies such as “Tron: Legacy,” “Alice in Wonderland 3D,” “Megamind 3d,” “Avatar,” “Rio 3D,” “A Christmas Carol 3D,” “Coraline 3D,” “Monsters and Aliens 3D,” “How to Train Your Dragon 3D,” and “Final Destination 3D” are great examples of good movies that are enhanced by gorgeous 3D details and depth.

        3D certainly does a lot more for me than just to  “draw your eyes to floating bits of debris,” and I’m sure there are many more that feel the same way. 

        I respect your opinion, and am just expressing an alternate point of view.  🙂


      2. Itsnotjustaboutyousays:

        Wow, I can’t believe my rebuttal was deleted….I guess true freedom of speech really IS dead…

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