Deathstroke Reported To Be Main Villain In Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie

deathstroke 1 banner

After Ben Affleck floored us all with this morning’s reveal of Deathstroke in what is most likely test footage from the currently filming Justice League movie, now comes a report that the world’s deadliest mercenary will be sticking around for a bit in the DC Extended Universe.

According to TheWrap, Slade Wilson is slated to be the main antagonist in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie that he’s also been confirmed to direct and co-write with Geoff Johns of DC Entertainment. There’s no word as to who may be playing Deathstroke at this moment and we may or may not have to wait awhile for official word as to who could be under the mask.

It may have very well been a stuntman in that test footage and the character’s involvement in Justice League could merely serve the purpose of setting up future appearance(s). In other words, I’m picturing something comparable to the opening action scene in a James Bond movie showing Batman doing battle with one of his foes in Gotham.


I think that the filmmakers know that now is the time to strike when it comes to bringing Deathstroke to the silver screen for the first time. Thanks to appearances in the video game Batman: Arkham Origins and the hit TV show Arrow, my favorite two-toned assassin is permeating the public’s consciousness like never before in his 36 year history.

Speaking of Arrow, some of you may remember Marc Guggeheim, an executive producer of that very show, once said via Tumblr the character is now off the table when it comes to television use. Granted, there has historically been red tape between film and television divisions at WB, but Slade’s arc on Arrow has pretty much concluded and actor Manu Bennett has moved on to other projects. Therefore, I think the door is wide open when it comes to exposing the character to a broader audience.

With us now having more incentive to check out Justice League when it arrives in theaters on November 17, 2017, let us not forget that the as-yet-untitled Batman film lacks a release date. But do keep in mind that WB has reserved two theatrical dates for untitled DC movies – October 5, 2018 and November 1, 2019 – so it may very well fill one of those slots.