Deathstroke Returns In New Justice League Snyder Cut Photo


Many people thought that Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke was going to wind up as the single most pointless addition to the DCEU’s mythology, and for good reason. Though his post-credits cameo in Justice League pointed to bigger and better things, it wasn’t long before Warner Bros. changed their plans.

Of course, Slade Wilson was being positioned to play a major role in the sequel, but that never happened. He was also set to be the antagonist of Ben Affleck’s The Batman, but as with Justice League 2, that also didn’t end up coming to fruition. And that’s all without mentioning the fact that he was supposed to star in a solo outing as well which – you guessed it – failed to materialize.

However, we know that he’ll get another chance to shine now that he’s being brought back for Zack Snyder’s all-new take on the troubled film and earlier today, Manganiello shared a photo on Twitter revealing our first look at Deathstroke in the Justice League Snyder Cut, which you can check out below.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can gather from this shot as far as how, exactly, the character will factor into things this time around, but it’s a nice little glimpse at Slade Wilson regardless and should get fans hyped. After all, folks have wanted to see more of the actor’s take on Deathstroke for years now and it seems they’ll get just that in 2021.

With any luck, Zack will begin to show off some footage of not only Manganiello in the Justice League Snyder Cut, but Jared Leto as well, who’s back as the Joker. They’re two of the most exciting elements of the new and improved version of the film, and we can’t wait to see them in action next year.