Dee Wallace Says Fans Won’t Even Recognize Her In 3 From Hell

Devil's Rejects 3 From Hell

Dee Wallace is no stranger to Rob Zombie films. The renowned scream queen has appeared in several of his movies over the years, including his 2007 remake of Halloween and The Lords of Salem. Her next collaboration with the iconic director will be the upcoming 3 From Hell. Little is known so far about her onscreen persona, but Wallace promises that her character will be very evil and make her virtually unrecognizable.

In a recent chat with Rue Morgue, the actress said:

“I can tell you, look really closely; you won’t even know it’s me. I walked by Sid Haig and Bill Moseley the first time we were on set together and said, ‘Hey, guys,’ and they looked at me and went, ‘My God, it’s Dee!’ Sid said, ‘Oh my God, I never would have known that was you!’ I play a character I’ve never played before, not particularly a nice one, and I have a lot of great scenes with Sheri Moon Zombie.”

This quote alone should have fans even more excited for the highly-anticipated flick. Wallace has made a name for herself by starring in frightening classics over the years so an entirely new role for the 70-year-old legend is going to be a must-see for anyone who loves horror. When pressed for more details about this mysterious character, Wallace said, “This woman… she’s waaaaay out there.” Judging by the rest of the zany cast from the film’s predecessors, this should come as no surprise.

It’s already been revealed that the gratuitously violent follow-up to The Devil’s Rejects will only be in theaters for three days in mid-September, which means moviegoers will have to make it an absolute priority to get tickets before they sell out. Those who would rather wait until the pic is released on DVD might want to reconsider since viewers who make it to the screenings will get exciting exclusives each night.

Be sure to catch Dee Wallace’s bonkers new character and the rest of the terrifying gang in 3 from Hell on September 16th, 17th and/or 18th later this year.