Tensions Rise In This Fresh Clip For Deep Blue Sea 2


Though it risks being overshadowed quite spectacularly by The Meg and its own ginormous fish, Deep Blue Sea 2 is now on the verge of hitting Blu-ray and DVD, and the folks over at Bloody Disgusting has uncovered a brand new clip to prove it.

Placing a particular focus on the new characters headlining Darin Scott’s long-in-development horror sequel, up above you’ll see the moment when tensions rise between Dr. Misty Calhoun (Danielle Savre) and pharmaceutical billionaire Carl Durant (Michael Beach), who evidently has more money than sense – much to the horror of Savre’s protagonist.

She soon discovers that Durant and his team are experimenting on bull sharks, a species of fish known for their aggression and killer instinct…and that’s before the humans even begin their tests. As far as shark movies go, this is a pretty familiar calm before the inevitable storm. But with Deep Blue Sea 2 now on the eve of its home video release, it won’t be much longer before budding horror fans lay eyes on the CG carnage. We can only hope it features a death scene half as memorable as Samuel L. Jackson’s…

As for the humans set to face those hyper-intelligent sharks, Deep Blue Sea 2 features a cast list comprised of Danielle Savre, Rob Mayes, Michael Beach, Nathan Lynn, Kim Syster, and Jeremy Jess Boado as clinical neurophysiologist Daniel Kim.

And if you’re curious, here’s a reminder of the official synopsis:

A shark conservationist Dr. Misty Calhoun (Danielle Savre) is invited to consult on a new, top secret project run by pharmaceutical billionaire Carl Durant (Michael Beach). She believes the project, performed at a remote, sea-based facility, focuses on extracting shark antibodies to help work toward cures for human diseases. However, Dr. Calhoun is shocked to learn that the company is using unpredictable bull sharks as its test subjects, and Durant has bio-engineered a shiver of highly intelligent, super-aggressive bull sharks. When science meddles with the time-tested process of nature and nurture, the outcome can be deadly.

Helmed by Darin Scott, and arriving almost two decades after the original, Deep Blue Sea 2 is expected to chomp its way onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD tomorrow, April 17th (pre-order here).

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