How To Watch Deep Blue Sea 3 Online

Deep Blue Sea 3

It’s time to get out of the water, as Deep Blue Sea 3 has just been released. The third entry in the genetically-enhanced shark saga is set in an abandoned fishing village where a team of photogenic marine biologists are tasked with learning about the impact of global warming on great white sharks. Unfortunately for them (but awesomely for us), they come under attack from killer smart sharks who may have crossbred with the great whites.

Surprisingly, the first reviews and reactions are broadly positive. Bloody Disgusting (who I trust implicitly when it comes to this kind of thing) says that Deep Blue Sea 3goes all-in on a continuous ramp-up of the action. The more it barrels toward and through the climax, the more outlandish it gets. Entrails float, blood paints the town red, and things get silly,” concluding that this is “pure summer entertainment.” What To Watch echoes this, too, saying that this is a “damn fun shark attack flick that gets the best moments right,” and that it contains “quite insane goresploitation demises.”

Social media is also pretty positive, echoing the critics by calling it “goofy fun,” “cheesy but nonsensical” and “absolutely shocking… but I can’t stop watching!”

So, where can you watch this cinematic masterpiece? Well, it’s now available to stream on most VOD platforms and you can buy it for $14.99 on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu, among others. There are rumors it’ll hit Netflix and Hulu once its 90-day VOD exclusivity is up, too, but right now they’re unsubstantiated.

I’ve always got room in my life for another killer shark movie, so I’ll definitely be settling in with some booze and popcorn tonight to see attractive actors getting killed in imaginative and gory ways by superintelligent sharks in Deep Blue Sea 3. I guess Belinda Carlisle was correct: heaven really is a place on Earth.