Demian Bichir Braces For An Acidic Hug In Latest Alien: Covenant Clip


One of the more shrewd (and accurate?) comparisons buried within the first wave of reviews for Alien: Covenant likened Ridley Scott’s R-rated prequel to a sci-fi version of Friday the 13th in the sense that the core cast of characters – the diverse Covenant crew, in this instance – are slowly picked off by a relentless, downright unstoppable foe.

And though early trailers have teased the carnage that awaits on May 19th – May 12th for those in the UK – Demian Bichir’s Sergeant Lope, head of security aboard Scott’s deep space vessel, goes up close and personal with a Facehugger (and lives to tell the tale!) in the latest Alien: Covenant clip. Armed to the teeth with pulse rifles and cutting-edge equipment, Bichir and his fellow marines soon begin to realize that they’re up against an otherworldly horror the likes of which they’ve never encountered, leaving the fate of the crew in the balance.

Set in the year 2019 – and some 40 years after the doomed Prometheus mission – Alien: Covenant initially opens with the crew en route to Origae-6, an Earth-like exoplanet and a prime candidate to hatch humanity’s first space colony. But a rogue transmission leads them astray, and when Katherine Waterston’s Daniels crosses paths with the unruly David (Michael Fassbender), it isn’t long before things begin to go south very, very fast.

Once slated to arrive toward the end of the summer, Alien: Covenant is now teetering on the verge of its theatrical release. If a report from Trailer Track is to be believed, those in North America can look forward to catching the final War For the Planet of the Apes trailer when Ridley Scott’s prequel-sequel slithers on to these shores on May 19th.