Demian Bichir Joins Paul Feig’s The Heat

Deadline is reporting that Demian Bichir will be joining Paul Feig’s upcoming buddy cop comedy The Heat. Known for his Academy Award nominated performance in the 2011 drama A Better Life and a recent role in Savages, The Heat will be Bichir’s first studio comedy.

We don’t have much information on the film just yet, but we do know that Bichir will be playing an FBI agent, alongside Sandra Bullock. Also starring in the film is Melissa McCarthy who, according to Coming Soon, plays a Boston police officer.

A female buddy cop movie starring two comedy heavyweights is intriguing, especially after the unexpected success of this year’s 21 Jump Street. Jonah Hill’s straight man expertise had been getting stale, but the film showcased his abilities perfectly. Luckily, Channing Tatum’s simplistic jock-minded honesty was unexpectedly hysterical. If Bullock and McCarthy can pull off their own innovative twist on the buddy cop genre, we might just see that success duplicated.

Aside from the female stars, Paul Feig’s previous aptitude in directing woman-centric comedy, as seen in Bridesmaids, is promising. The script was penned by Katie Dipold and The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. With comedy credentials entering titanic proportions, Demian Bichir’s own dramatic talent makes The Heat into a movie that is sizzling with high expectations.

What do you think of this upcoming buddy cop film? Anticipating law enforcement hijinks or are you giving it a guilty verdict? Don’t plead the 5th; tell us what you think down below.