Denis Villeneuve Would Direct A James Bond Movie

James Bond

Prior to the release of his latest movie, Denis Villeneuve had a reputation for carving unique thrillers. His stylistic approach proven effective in the likes of Enemy and Prisoners seemingly confirmed that his future slate would be populated by similar fare. Then Sicario came along and shattered that idea. The action-packed drug cartel drama signified his strengths in other areas — a topic which Coming Soon asked the director to discuss during a recent interview.

Asked the question of whether he enjoys making genre movies, Villeneuve himself led the discussion into an area that no-one saw coming. With regards to his future endeavors, he name-dropped James Bond.

“It’s strange, because I understand that each genre has its own specific rules, but for me, they are all movies. I’m just attracted to try to do different things, and I was very excited to make a movie that required more action. I was raised with James Bond. I love James Bond movies. I would love to do a James Bond movie one day. Action is very cinematic. I’m not someone that loves dialogue – I am someone that loves movement. Action, if it’s well done, can be very poetic and meaningful.”

Granted, this snippet is merely a filmmaker sounding off on his own influences and likes within cinema. It’s definitely not a confirmation of his involvement in a future Bond pic, and shouldn’t even be tagged with the ‘rumor’ label.

Nevertheless, as Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes won’t be returning to the 007 franchise once work on Bond 24 is complete, there is a vacant chair waiting to be filled. Could it be Villeneuve? Seeing as he’s already juggling the commitments of another beloved franchise as the director on Blade Runner 2, it’s unlikely he would have space in his schedule for the next Bond. But the one after that? Who knows.