Denzel Gets It Done In Four New Clips From The Equalizer


Denzel’s bread and butter for the last twenty years has been playing badasses. The moral persuasion of that badass has mattered not to audiences, who go out in droves to check out the cheeky chappie’s latest adventure. Be it his crooked cop in Training Day or everyman train driver in Unstoppable, Washington’s pull is seemingly…. err, unstoppable? His next collaboration, with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua is the remake of 80’s TV series The Equalizer, set to land in cinemas soon. And it looks like people are gonna be lining up for this one as well.

The Equalizer finds Denzel’s ex-CIA operative,Robert McCall yanked out of retirement.  Not for any old reason – to help save the lovely Chloe Grace Moretz from the clutches of the Russian Mob. The latest clips show Denzel out on the prowl for info, and generally being his grizzled self. Check ’em out below!

The Equalizer has its worldwide premiere at TIFF this Sunday September 7th and is set to hit theatres on September 26th. Stay tuned for our review!

Robert McCall is deadly, but doesn’t look it. As played by Denzel Washington, he is quiet, reserved, and methodical. He sits at the same table in the same diner for his meals each day. He lines up his cutlery just so. He tries not to talk to strangers. But there’s something about Elina (Chloë Grace Moretz, also appearing at the Festival in Clouds of Sils Maria and Laggies) that breaks through Bob’s barriers. She crashes into his diner in a clearly desperate state. She works as an escort, in thrall to a Russian crime gang not known for their gentle ways. As Bob’s protective impulse begins to extend to the ragged, volatile Elina, it’s only a matter of time before he puts his lethal skills to use. Because Bob is The Equalizer.