Denzel Washington And Antoine Fuqua Confirm The Magnificent Seven Remake


A couple of months ago it was reported that Denzel Washington was looking to re-team with his Training Day director, Antoine Fuqua, for a remake of The Magnificent Seven. At the time, the talks were in the early stages, yet many people were still giddy with excitement. They had good reason to be, too. After all, the last time these two teamed up it led to a Best Actor Oscar for Washington and heaps of praise for both.

Not only that, but the pair’s upcoming effort, The Equalizer, is getting ready to open at the end of the month and is currently being screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the buzz is extremely positive.

But I digress. Washington and Fuqua re-teaming for The Magnificent Seven would be definitely produce fantastic results, and today, we’re pleased to tell you that it is indeed happening. While speaking to the two during the junket for The Equalizer, I asked if they could confirm their involvement in the film. Fuqua told me that they’re definitely doing it and both of them seemed pretty excited about working together again.

Check out what Fuqua and Washington had to say about The Magnificent Seven remake in the video above and let us know in the comments section if you’re looking forward to seeing the duo take on the classic 1960 film.