Denzel Washington Flexes His Muscles In The Equalizer Trailer


Not five minutes ago, I was reminded that Denzel Washington is a total badass. It’s easy to forget that sometimes, as he has a calm, gentle smile and a nice level voice. But maybe that’s what makes Denzel so very good in films where he gets to beat the hell out of people: he doesn’t look all that intimidating. In The Equalizer, the latest film from Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, Denzel shows off his badass chops when he takes on Russian gangsters.

Washington plays Robert McCall in the film, a former black ops commando now living a retired life in Boston. Having rescued a young girl named Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz), McCall finds himself in opposition to some very nasty Russian gangsters, and sets out to wreak vengeance in the name of the innocent, rediscovering his sense of justice in the process.

The Equalizer trailer plays like just about any action film starring a slightly older, world weary man having to head back into the fray in the name of truth and justice. Liam Neeson and Kevin Costner once had a corner on that market, but Washington shows that he still has the gravitas for such a part. He punches, kicks, and shoots his way into and out of trouble, maintaining the same stony expression we must expect from middle-aged badasses who just want to be left alone.

The Equalizer looks like a fun and fairly straight-forward entry into the genre, with an excellent cast that also includes Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman. It did so well in its first test screening that Sony already has plans for a sequel, so this one had better deliver the goods. With Washington leading and Fuqua behind the camera, I think we can put some good money on this one.

The Equalizer hits theatres September 26. You watch the very first trailer below.