Denzel Washington Gets Interrogated In New Clip From The Equalizer


If you’re planning on heading to the Toronto International Film Festival next week, one movie that should definitely be on your radar is Sony’s The Equalizer. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the adaptation of the 1980’s TV show of the same name stars Denzel Washington as a former black ops soldier who fakes his own death in hopes of leaving his violent past behind and starting fresh.

All goes according to plan, too, until he stumbles upon a young prostitute played by Chloë Grace Moretz. When he learns that she’s in some deep trouble with extremely dangerous people, he springs back into action to help her and finds himself in an dangerous game of cat and mouse with the Russian mafia.

I screened the film last week and though I can’t say too much about it just yet, due to an embargo, I will tell you that The Equalizer is certainly worthy of all the hype that it’s been receiving. Test screenings were through the roof, according to Sony, and a sequel has already been given the green light. After watching the film, it’s easy to see why that is. This one is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser.

Today, the studio has released a new clip, featuring Denzel Washington keeping his cool while being interrogated by Martin Csokas’s character. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do a whole lot when you don’t know the context surrounding the scene, but it’s an intense moment in the film and gives us an idea of what Washington is up against.

Check it out above and be sure to catch The Equalizer next week at TIFF, or when it hits theatres on September 26th, 2014.