The Descendents’ Shailene Woodley To Star In Indie Drama White Bird

Before last Fall the only time we heard about Shailene Woodley was in connection with ABC Family‘s teen drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager, if that.

Now, after her Golden Globe nominated role in The Descendents, Woodley has a recognizable face and looks to have a bright future ahead of her.

Variety is reporting that the actress has just landed a lead role in Gregg Araki‘s (Mysterious Skin) indie drama White Bird. The film will be told from her character’s point of view as she struggles to adjust to life after her mother disappears under mysterious circumstances.

This choice may seem like a bit of a risk as Araki is known for his slightly frightening indie films. That being said, it will still give Woodley the perfect opportunity to prove herself to a wider audience.

After her stellar performance in The Descendents, it doesn’t surprise me that this young actress is getting more opportunities. Despite any lingering questions about her abilities that critics might be raising, she obviously has talent.

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