New Details Surface On WB’s Plans To Diversify DC Movies With Teen Titans And More

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Following their report on a couple of the supporting characters in Aquaman, JoBlo has shared some possible details on Warner Bros.’ plans to add more diversity to their DC-based films.

You’ve no doubt noticed that recent comic book movies have made a conscious effort to add meatier roles for women and minorities, and this is apparently set to continue as WB prepare to expand their burgeoning DCEU with Teen Titans and several other properties.

We already heard the rumor that there’s a Black Canary-led Birds Of Prey flick in the works, and JoBlo reckons that there’s definitely some truth to that and mentions that the team would likely also include Batgirl/Oracle.

They also tell us that there could be a Teen Titans movie on the horizon, which may or may not fold into the solo Cyborg project and would potentially include female characters such as Raven and Starfire. Furthermore, they mention the possibility of at least one gay superhero being added to the ranks of the DCEU in the coming years, though they caution that nothing is set in stone there.

Finally, JoBlo claims that the Green Lantern CORPS reboot is being described as a film featuring both Hal Jordan and John Stewart in a “Lethal Weapon in space team-up.” Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Of course, whether any of this comes to pass or not remains to be seen, but we’ve already seen both Warners and Marvel take steps to diversify their upcoming projects, so there’s no reason to doubt that it’ll continue.