Detective Pikachu Scribes Want An American Idol-Style Jigglypuff Sequel


No less than a week out the gate and talk of sequels to Detective Pikachu are already doing the rounds. It’s hardly surprising, though, is it? As far as video game flicks go, the combination has had nill but a troubled past filled with B-movie quality adaptations and poorly-written scripts, but Pokémon’s first foray into live action has bucked that trend. Make no mistake, Detective Pikachu won’t be winning any Oscars (though its gorgeous special effects definitely deserve recognition) when awards season next swings around, but it’s a solid movie that proves, finally, that video game adaptations can work in cinema.

Ryan Reynolds’ casting as the titular yellow mouse is a major strength, no doubt, but with his and Tim Goodman’s (Justice Smith) story now finished, how do the film’s writers intend to progress the series with potential future sequels? At this time, Warner Bros. has yet to officially confirm as such, but given Detective Pikachu‘s success, there’s little chance it won’t already be exploring avenues for a potential follow-up.

In fact, writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit already have several ideas for a potential follow-up, one of which, in particular, involves Jigglypuff. Speaking to Screen Rant, the duo outlined their fantasy of bringing the pink puffball’s singing career aspirations to the big screen, likening its story to that of talent shows à la American Idol and A Star is Born. The catch, of course, would be “The severe problem of putting everyone to sleep,” says the screenwriters, adding that, “We love Jigglypuff. I like the weird Pokémon that really want something, and just by their nature, Jigglypuff can never achieve that.”

Sounds like a story ripe for tugging at the heartstrings of Pokéfans, doesn’t it? Sadly, a Jigglypuff-led sequel likely wouldn’t have the widespread appeal as Detective Pikachu, so we’ll just have to make-do in the meantime, with the latter film’s sweet homage to Jigglypuff’s reoccurring role in the Pokémon anime.

Detective Pikachu is out now, in theaters worldwide. While a sequel is surely on the cards, it’s The Pokémon Company’s complete remake of Pokémon: The First Movie that’s due to hit the big screen next, and you can see here for further details.