The Devil’s Carnival 2 Is Happening, Check Out The First Teaser Trailer

Merry Christmas horror fans! In surprising news today, the first teaser trailer for The Devil’s Carnival 2 has emerged from the deep, and with it we have our first confirmed casting addition for director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer Terrance Zdunich’s musical follow-up to their 2012 hour long experimental “short,” The Devil’s Carnival.

In the original, three “lost souls” are sent to a carnival run by the devil (Hell) and tested by numerous characters stuck down below for eternity, seeing if the same mistakes that led them to an awful fate would still be made. There’s singing, dancing, life lessons, demons, entertainers, and most importantly – death. But it’s not so much about kill scenes and gore (that was what Repo! The Genetic Opera did best), but instead about learning from faults and being given a second chance, and not wasting such opportunities. At the end, the Devil (Zdunich) lets one of his “victims” leave for Heaven, and it’s hinted that some type of war will be waged with the good guys above.

Looks like that hint was right, as The Devil’s Carnival 2 will give us a taste of what heaven is really like. From what I can see there are Nazi-like costumes, more musical numbers, and rapper Tech N9ne as “The Librarian.” Yes, you heard correctly, as it appears Zdunich will be penning some rap numbers this time around, branching out from the typical orchestral/rock and roll sound, possibly with some help from the fire spitting riot maker himself, Tech N9ne.

No word on whether cast members like Sean Patrick Flanery, Ivan Moody, Bill Moseley, or Emilie Autumn will be returning, but we do know Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich are still the driving creative forces as director and writer respectively. The release date also remains a question as of now, along with the method of release. The Devil’s Carnival was never actually shown in theaters, instead touring the country as a live event with entertainment, costume contests, Q&A opportunities, and overall hellish horror insanity.

As for now, enjoy the teaser provided, and check back January 10th, 2013 for the first official full-length trailer! I personally can’t wait to see Heaven retaliate after the awesome spectacle Hell put on, as The Devil’s Carnival worked its way into my personal top 10 for 2012’s horror films.

The Devil’s Carnival 2 looks every bit as ingenious as the original based on the teaser, and I can’t wait for the full trailer, but what do you guys think of the teaser? If you’ve seen the original, does this get you excited for another? If you haven’t seen the Devil’s episode, do you want to now?

Sorry. the video is currently unavailable.

Source [The Devil’s Carnival]