New Wonder Woman 1984 Photo Features Steve And Diana


Wonder Woman 1984 was on course to arrive in theaters a couple of months from now until the coronavirus crisis derailed those plans and forced Warner Bros. to push it back to October. In the meantime, though, fans have some new imagery from the DCEU sequel to feast their eyes on.

Revealed in the latest issue of Total Film, the photo shows Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince and Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor teaming up. Diana is garbed in work overalls and her partner in crime is decked out in civilian clothing, with the duo’s meeting set against what looks like a warehouse backdrop. Not much else can be gleaned from the picture, and DC and Warner are keeping plot specifics for the movie on lockdown.

Speaking in the same issue of the movie publication, Gadot revealed that Wonder Woman 1984 will feature a more experienced version of her character than the previous film.

“In the first movie, [Diana] really is a fish out of water, coming from Themyscira into man’s world, and learning about the complexities of human life, really. In Wonder Woman 1984, she’s been around. She’s wiser. She’s more mature. She’s guarded. She lost all of her friends throughout the years. But she’s still doing the right thing. But she is different than when we last saw her.”

We’ve long known that the Wonder Woman sequel will see the Amazonian warrior re-team with Trevor to battle the villainous Cheetah and Maxwell Lord, but it’s unclear how this is even possible following the death of Pine’s character in the first movie. Another burning question is how the pic will tie in with the wider DCEU. Will it be a soft reboot of sorts, in line with DC and Warner’s shift towards standalone stories, or pick up Justice League‘s continuity and attempt to set up future crossovers?

There’s a good chance at least one of these questions will be broached when DC reveals more about Wonder Woman 1984 at its FanDome event this summer. We’ll bring you all of the updates, revelations and footage from the virtual presentation when it takes place on August 22nd, so be sure to check back in with us then.