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Did Robert Downey Jr. Already Spoil One Of Avengers 4’s Big Meetings?

A newly-uncovered photo from Infinity War appears to confirm that Tony Stark will journey to Wakanda at some point during Avengers 4.

Given the close proximity of Infinity War to Marvel’s fourth Avengers movie, there was always going to be some leaked material from the latter that inadvertently spoils the former.

Take this screenshot from the Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray, for instance, which features Robert Downey Jr. soliciting questions about the Marvel mash-up and what comes next for his Tony Stark.

Upon closer inspection, though, it appears as RDJ’s being interviewed on the set of Wakanda, which, coupled with the Avengers 4 outfit (see: dyed hair and grey beard), strongly suggests that Stark will be paying a visit to Africa’s crown jewel as he begins to formulate some sort of plan to stop Thanos… and reverse his mass genocide.

So, can we expect Tony Stark and Shuri (Letitia Wright) to share the same screen? It’s nigh on certain, as they’re two of the smartest minds in the entire MCU – hell, Joe Russo is of the belief that T’Challa’s younger sister is actually the smartest Marvel character in this super-sized universe. And let’s face it, the Avengers will need all the help they can muster if they’re to undo Thanos’ destruction.

Via Twitter:

It’s worth pointing out that Robert Downey Jr. could have simply been visiting the Wakanda set on the day this Marvel featurette was shot, but again, it’s really a question of when (rather than if), Shuri and Stark put their heads together and try to solve the mind-boggling conundrum that stands before them. We’d just rather wait unto Marvel Studios confirms it outright as opposed to relying on a subtle clue hidden in some featurette from 2018.

Avengers 4 opens big on May 3rd, 2019. And it’ll signal a huge sea change for the entire MCU.

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