Did you know Margot Robbie appeared in this hit film?

Before Margot Robbie landed her breakout role in Martin Scorsese’s blockbuster comedy The Wolf of Wall Street, she was an unknown Australian actress trying to stand out in Hollywood’s sea of people.

One film you may not have realized Robbie appeared in was 2013’s hit romance About Time. The movie was released a few months before The Wolf of Wall Street and the reason you may have missed Robbie is that she only has a small featured role throughout the movie. See if you can spot her in the trailer below.

The movie follows Tim, who discovers he has the ability to travel in time, and decides to use his gift to pursue the woman of his dreams. Domhnall Gleeson stars in the film as Tim, opposite Rachel McAdams. Robbie plays an exchange student staying with Tim’s family and is his first crush in the film but Tim misses his chance when it’s time for her to leave. Years later she bumps into Tim and he must decide between pursuing her or McAdams.

The film made a reasonable $87 million worldwide but this pales in comparison to the $392 million that The Wolf of Wall Street pulled in that went on to rocket Robbie to stardom.

Since then, Robbie has gone on to star in blockbusters such as Suicide Squad, where she was cast in the role of the playful Harley Quinn, as well as Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood, where she portrayed a very authentic version of Sharon Tate.

Robbie has been flexing her acting talents as of late and has been nominated for two Oscars: one for best lead actress in the biopic I, Tonya, and a second for best supporting actress in Bombshell, which was based on the lawsuit against Fox News founder Roger Ailes for sexual assault.

With Robbie becoming a well-known celebrity since the release of About Time, it might be time to turn back the clock and re-watch the film by streaming it on Netflix.

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