Dig Your Claws Into Two New Clips From Black Panther


In just a matter of days, the moment we’ve been waiting for will finally arrive when Black Panther storms cinemas, firmly establishing T’Challa as one of the newest major players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And after hearing that the film’s opening weekend box office tally may exceed $165 million domestically, I’m really getting the sense of how many other moviegoers are looking forward to this as well.

To help whet our appetites, the studio has begun releasing brief clips in order to raise awareness, the first of which showcases how much of a visual marvel (pun intended) this spectacle will be. In the “Hyperloop Fight Scene,” we see Black Panther himself throwing down with Erik Killmonger, whom I’m still saying is making a solid bid at having the coolest name for an antagonist in a comic book movie this year. Featuring dazzling visual effects and use of vibrant colors, this excerpt reaffirms what a treat we’re in for.

The second clip, titled “South Korea Casino,” sees the crew venturing to, well, a South Korea casino. From what we can tell, this establishment is a bit clandestine, what with its seemingly innocuous location. Like you, we’re intrigued to see what happens next and how this ties into the grand scheme of things.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m thinking that Black Panther could very well be the next big thing for Marvel Studios. With the contracts of some of the franchise’s biggest stars soon coming to a close, it could really use someone to step up and be the next Iron Man as it were. Frankly, everything I’ve thus far seen indicates Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa could be the next to run with the torch, but only time will tell for sure.