Dino-Riders Movie Rumored To Be In The Works


Given the recent success of Jurassic World and the continuing box office domination of the Transformers franchise, it was probably inevitable that someone would take a look at ’80s animated series/toy line, Dino-Riders. According to the Tracking Board, that’s going to be Mattel, who will team up with Solipsist Film and producers Alissa Phillips and Stephen L’Heureux to get a big-screen adaptation into development.

Just in case you need a memory jolt (or, don’t happen to be ancient like me), Dino-Riders was a short-lived cartoon that focused on two warring futuristic races travelling back to prehistoric times to “harness the power” of dinosaurs to aid them in their battles. The evil Rulons use their technology to control the beasts’ minds, while the noble Valorians… err, make friends with them.

No other details are provided, but the site does add that the movie’s “angle would target the family demographic, with a strong action-adventure storyline.”

The show only ran for 14 episodes, but it’s remained pretty popular over the years and has gained a small cult following, so there should be quite a bit of interest if this gets off the ground.

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