Director Andy Muschietti Calls A Wrap On It Remake


Between Sony’s expansive plans for The Dark Tower saga (read: a live-action feature coupled with a complimentary TV spinoff to be based on Wizard and Glass) and Andy Muschietti’s long-anticipated It remake, it’s a wonderful time to be a fan of all things Stephen King.

Truth be told, both adaptations have been a long time coming, with It in particular suffering from one creative setback after another. This all came to a head in 2015 when True Detective helmer Cary Fukunaga made for the exit door, placing production on hold for the foreseeable future.

One year later, New Line’s two-part horror movie has bounced back in style, and we now have confirmation that Muschietti has called a wrap on principal photography ahead of the film’s initial release in September of next year. We say initial because, as previously revealed, the studio has plans for a second movie that would focus on grown-up versions of The Losers’ Club who look to bury Pennywise once and for all.

Word comes by way of Instagram, where screenwriter and producer Barbara Muschietti unveiled a demented jack in the box figure that was built to resemble Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the very same monster that will be terrorizing that Losers’ Club.

Also on board for New Line’s two-part scarefest are Javier Botet as The Leper, Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough, Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben Hanscom, Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh, Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier, Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak, Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris, Nicholas Hamilton as Henry Bowers, Owen Teague as Patrick Hockstetter and Logan Thompson as Victor Criss.

Pennywise will be summoned into theaters in all of its demented glory when Andy Muschietti’s It bows on September 8, 2017. Should it fare well with audiences, New Line will set about pushing on with the second, conclusive installment shortly thereafter.

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