Director Chloé Zhao Excited For Eternals Fan Fiction

It’s incredibly obvious that a film as popular as Eternals would spawn quite a few pieces of fan art, be it pictures or stories. However, it’s really exciting to know that the director of the film is actively keeping an eye on them.

Chloe Zhao charged a piece of fan art on her Instagram page and gave us a lot more insight into just how much she’s a bit of a fangirl herself. While referencing famous fan fiction site Archive Of Our Own often called AO3 online, she talked about how much she loves engaging with fan content.

“For y’all who are making awesome fan arts, vids and fics of our Eternals characters, please know that I’m watching and reading with the biggest smile on my face! See y’all on AO3!”

Check out the full post below!

While it might be a bit legally iffy for the director to be publically stating she’s reading fan fiction, especially if something resembling the plot of one of them shows up in an Eternals sequel, it has to be amazing for fans to know that she’s checking out their creations.

Do you have a favorite piece of Marvel fan fiction? What about some fan art that you particularly love? Tell us about them in the comments!