Director Dan Trachtenberg Entertains Concept For A Sequel To 10 Cloverfield Lane


Dan Trachtenberg’s directorial debut, 10 Cloverfield Lane, may have spawned from a similarly low-key thriller then referred to as Valenica, but by running in parallel to Matt Reeves’ 2008 creature feature, the successful spinoff has opened up a whole new, ahem, avenue over at Paramount.

J.J. Abrams, producer on both Cloverfield and Trachtenberg’s psychological thriller, has marinated on the possibility of hatching new blood relatives in the same universe before, but during a recent interview with /Film, Trachtenberg himself addressed a potential 10 Cloverfield Lane sequel. It should be noted that the filmmaker does stray into spoiler territory during the interview, so we’ve included the response after the jump.


Here’s what Trachtenberg had to share on the matter at hand:

Honestly, I always fantasized when making [a sequel] and even before we had shot the movie like oh my God, how cool would it be to make the next one? And the way that Aliens is to Alien, you know. But or it could be a different genre. It could be a whole different movie, but with the same badass protagonist that was forged in the flames of this one. But I also feel like it would be equally badass if there wasn’t a sequel to this.

Like there’s just something so cool about the idea that it, that you’ve been on this adventure with this character and she makes a decision at the end and we know what that decision means, but don’t ever actually get a chance to see what that decision, what becomes of it. I think is equally cool. Like yeah, we know it feels like this was very much an origin story. This is all you’re gonna get.

10 Cloverfield Lane is out in theaters now, and you can get the 411 on Dan Trachtenberg’s first foray behind the lens via our in-depth – and largely positive – review.