IT Director To Helm The Flash Movie, Ezra Miller May Depart


The Flash seems to be lost in the Speed Force at the moment – when it comes to the big screen, at least – as Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster has been AWOL in the DCEU since 2017’s Justice LeagueThe hero’s solo outing has gone through many different hands since then and recent reports have told us that Miller himself might be vacating the role. So, what might the future of the Flash in theaters look like?

Well, The Hollywood Reporter brings word today that there’s been some significant changes behind the scenes. For one, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who were originally set to direct, have now moved on and It helmer Andy Muschietti is set to replace them behind the camera. Meanwhile, Christina Hodson, who wrote Birds of Prey, is being eyed to pen the script. And while the outlet notes that Ezra Miller remains attached to star, we’re hearing a different story from our own sources.

According to what we’ve been told, this project is still very much in a state of limbo and the hiring of Muschietti and Hodson doesn’t really mean anything. Though THR notes that the studio is hoping to be in prep by January 2020, our source tells us that it’s very unlikely that’ll be the case and at this point, they can’t imagine it ever hitting theaters.

And then we come to Mr. Miller…

While The Hollywood Reporter says he’s still on board, we’re hearing that his involvement is far from confirmed. Apparently, Daley and Goldstein didn’t like his ideas for the film and neither does Warner Bros., with it being said that the actor and studio aren’t on the best terms, either. That doesn’t mean they won’t reach some sort of agreement, just that for now, he’s not locked in yet and may still walk from the pic.

Overall, then, it seems that things remain just as up in the air as they were before with The Flash and if the project ever does get off the ground, there’s no guarantee that it’ll have Ezra Miller in the lead role. Whether that means recasting or perhaps using another version of the hero, like Wally West, remains to be seen, but in short, we wouldn’t hold our breath hoping to see this make it into theaters anytime soon, if ever.

Source: THR