Director Kevin Smith Shares His Thoughts On Suicide Squad

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad continues to be soundly bashed by the majority of critics, but there are few notable voices out there championing the latest installment in Warner Bros.’ DCEU.

One such voice belongs to writer/director and lifelong comic book fan Kevin Smith, who attended the premiere of the film and posted the following to his Facebook page afterwards:

Well I think [Ayer] made magic and did ‪#‎dccomics‬proud. The ‪#‎Squad‬ movie doesn’t look like any other comic book flick I’ve ever seen. The periodic use of both ‪#‎Batman‬ and the ‪#‎joker‬ as background characters instead of the usual leads was thrilling and felt like our first real glimpse at an interconnected ‪#‎dceu‬. The cast is top notch but Harley, as expected, steals the show. The ‪#‎jokerandharley‬ beats are simply wonderful for a longtime fan to watch and make you immediately wanna see the all-Harley movie they already announced.

Smith does have a working relationship with DC/WB – but he wasn’t shy about telling his fans exactly what he thought of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, so there’s no reason to believe he’s being insincere now.

Suicide Squad goes on general release this weekend. Tell us, have the negative reviews put you off already, or will you still be there opening night? Sound off below with your thoughts and be sure to check out our review of the film if you’re still on the fence.

Source: Facebook