Director Kevin Tancharoen Drops Out Of Mortal Kombat Remake


New Line Cinema’s remake of Mortal Kombat has been puttering around for about three years now without gaining much steam. Up until now it actually had director Kevin Tancharoen attached to it, but alas that is no more as Tancharoen recently dropped out of the remake.

Kevin Tancharoen took to Twitter to inform the world that after three years he would not be directing the proposed remake of the film. It’s kind of a rough thing to have happen, given that Tancharoen has been attached for so long. He’s also the director of a short film, “Mortal Kombat: Rebirth,” which he used initially as a pitch for a feature length-project. All in all, it was a pretty impressive idea, so it’s sad to see Tancharoen go.

Not that many people have been heard clamoring for a new film version of Mortal Kombat, though. The initial films were a study in 90s camp, as the greatest fighters from around the world participate in a tournament whose outcome will affect the fate of the world. Given the current popularity of fight movies right now – not to mention movies based on video games – it might have been an interesting film to see. 

Tancharoen’s departure doesn’t preclude the possibility of a Mortal Kombat remake, of course. It just throws a monkey-wrench into the current plans. Tancharoen is also responsible for a popular web series based on his initial short film, so he would have been an obvious choice. We’ll have to wait and see if another director materializes.

Tancharoen’s “Mortal Kombat: Rebirth” can be watched below, and you can decide whether or not he might have actually been the man for the job.

We’ll keep an eye on Mortal Kombat news and let you know what New Line’s plans are as they happen.