Director Patty Jenkins Responds To Those Wonder Woman Rumors


In case you haven’t heard, an ex-Warner Bros. employee has published a letter online, calling out CEO Kevin Tsujihara and revealing that despite the impressive trailer, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is actually a mess.

The letter has picked up steam pretty quickly and is causing a big commotion in the industry, as people are holding out hope that the Gal Gadot-starring film will be the first true winner for the DCEU (both at the box office and with critics/fans). Like we said above, the footage we’ve seen so far does look quite good, but is there cause for concern?

According to Jenkins, the answer to that question is no, there is not. The director took to Twitter to clear the air about the recent letter, stating that it’s simply made up and someone is trying to spread misinformation.

Despite what Jenkins says, it’s still tough to feel 100% confident about Wonder Woman. The trailers and early footage for Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were both promising as well, and we all know how those films turned out, right? They weren’t outright failures, but they certainly didn’t perform how the studio was hoping they would.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re certainly excited about Wonder Woman, and are hopeful that it will indeed be the movie that gets the DCEU back on track, but given how the studio’s past efforts have turned out, and now that this new letter has emerged, we’re going to reserve judgement until we see the finished product, which won’t be until June 2nd, 2017.