Director Peter Berg Says No To Friday Night Lights Movie, But Yes To The Rundown 2


Peter Berg has been a busy man lately. With the upcoming release of his based-on-true-events war drama Lone Survivor getting a limited release on December 27th, as well as campaigning for a possible Oscar push, it’s amazing that the director has time to speculate on his next project. While fans of his hit television show Friday Night Lights have been crossing their fingers for a big screen addition to the series, Berg has recently spoke to pundits and revealed that instead, he’d like to revisit the stories of Beck and Travis, the two lovable and high octane adventure duo who made their cinematic debuts in The Rundown, which was released back in 2003

For those of you who don’t remember the classic buddy action flick, it starred a fairly nubile Dwayne Johnson making a name for himself in the Hollywood limelight and Mr. Stiffler himself, Seann William Scott. Admittedly, the pairing of actors seems like an unlikely duo, but this story of a head chef whose been tasked with finding the son of a mob boss in the middle of the Amazonian jungles whilst protecting a band of villagers from an oppressive leader proved way more exciting than anticipated.

Apparently, that sense of fun and balls-to-the-walls action sensibilities has remained imbued in the heart the film’s director, as he has made several claims that he has a small staff of writers currently working on the sequel. No official word has been made on the writing talent that he’s assembled for the film, but Peter has told sources that he and the inventor of “The People’s Elbow” have been chatting about it for quite some time now.

No other details have been mentioned at this time, but we’ll definitely let you know when hear more on The Rundown 2.

Tell us, would you like to see another adventure for Beck and Travis?