Director Rick Famuyiwa Reveals His Comic Book Research Ahead Of The Flash Gig

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Rick Famuyiwa has been doing his homework.

Not a week has passed since the Dope director inked a deal to helm The Flash at Warner Bros. – assuming the role left vacant by Seth Grahame-Smith – and already, Famuyiwa has been busy delving into the comic book threads in preparation for the 2018 superhero flick.


Indeed, after teasing fans with artwork of The Fastest Man Alive, Famuyiwa posted a photo highlighting his own research process for the directing gig via Instagram (thanks, CBM), and among those issues included in the snap are New 52, The Flash: Rebirth and The Flash: The Road to Flashpoint.

Here’s the post in question:

Today was a BLUR ?

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It’s understood that the Warner Bros. offshoot will still maintain elements of Seth Grahame-Smith’s screenplay, and it’s likely Famuyiwa is educating himself on all things Barry Allen as he looks to serve up a solo movie that is at once a sound introduction to Ezra Miller’s character, and a product that stands on its own independent from The CW’s rendition of The Flash.

Despite some stopping and starting, The Flash remains on course for a release on March 16, 2018 when Miller will be taking point as The Fastest Man Alive.

Source: Instagram