Director Shawn Levy Exits Warner Bros. Minecraft Adaptation


Back in October, we brought you the news that Night At The Museum director Shawn Levy had signed on to adapt the ridiculously popular videogame, Minecraft. At the time, the idea of a filmmaker whose resume is dotted with dramedies and family-friendly fare seemed an unusual choice to helm the pic. Alas, our earlier doubts have now been proven correct, as Variety reports that Levy has vacated the director’s chair.

According to sources, the simple reason why Levy – and writers Kieran and Michelle Mulroney – left is down to creative differences. The premise of the open-world game involves players crafting their own avatar before they set about constructing entire worlds from building blocks to assist them on their missions. It’s a slow-burning concept that lends itself to countless interpretations, which is thought to be the reason Levy and co. have abandoned ship.

Per Variety, the trio brought their initial outline to the studio – who are developing it in cahoots with Vertigo – only to find it didn’t mesh with Warner’s ambitions. The amicable parting has prompted the studio to begin their quest for a new director, which they expect will be secured by the beginning of next year.

As for Levy, his future release slate has Night At the Museum: Secret of The Tomb hitting theatres for the Christmas rush on December 19th. It’s expected that he will concentrate now on choosing his next feature, which he’s whittled down to three possibilities. First up is 40 Thieves, the comedy re-telling of the Ali Baba story, second is Tinkerbell, a live-action update with Melissa McCarthy in line for the lead, and lastly, The City That Sailed, which has Will Smith attached to star. His options seem fruitful at this point, so it won’t be long before we hear of his final decision.

With regards to Minecraft, Warner Bros. still have The LEGO Movie‘s Roy Lee attached to produce along with Jill Messick, so keep your eyes peeled for a director announcement in the new year.