It Director’s Cut To Herald Around 15 Minutes Of Additional Scares


Just when you thought Pennywise had been silenced until 2019, director Andy Muschietti goes ahead and announces a super-sized version of It.

That’s right, Muschietti and New Line are planning to include a director’s cut with It‘s home video release, which is expected to occur sometime before the year’s end. Pennywise is the undisputed king of the box office ($217 million and counting, last we checked), so it makes sense for the Powers That Be to fast-track a Blu-ray release before the holidays roll around.

And though he didn’t divulge any specifics, Andy Muschietti did recall one scene in particular that he found difficult to scrap. Indeed, if you’ve seen most of the recent trailers for It, you’ll recognize Stanley’s moment of realization: “When you’re a kid, you think the universe always revolves around you. You think you’ll always be protected and cared for…then, one day, you realize that’s not true.” Cue Pennywise.

Per Yahoo Movies, Muschietti confirmed that said director’s cut would “probably [be] an extra 15 minutes for hardcore fans,” and include a rib-tickling extension to the quarry scene.

As for Stanley’s bar mitzvah, it’s the point where our young Loser points the finger of blame toward Derry’s adults, who have stood by and watched idly as countless children fall prey to the transdimensional Pennywise.

There’s a great scene, it’s a bit of a payoff of the Stanley Uris plot which is the bar mitzvah, where he delivers a speech against all expectations… it’s basically blaming all the adults of Derry [for the town’s history of deadly “accidents” and child disappearances], and it has a great resolution. … Maybe it will be in the director’s cut!

It: Chapter 2 is officially a go, and it’s one of many big-name movie sequels due to arrive in 2019 (see: Wonder Woman 2, Episode IX, John Wick: Chapter 3). Details are scarce, but it appears Muschietti and his team are rustling up a dark story arc for the adult Mike Hanlon. Chadwick Boseman, anyone?

Source: Yahoo Movies

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