New Trailer For The Great Wall Promises An Epic Spectacle


With the New York Comic Con now in full swing, brand new trailers are flying out of the convention at an alarming pace. Just a few hours ago we saw the first teaser for Power Rangers, and before that we got new previews of the next instalments in both the Resident Evil and Underworld franchises. Now, as we await the first trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2, Legendary and Universal have released a new look at The Great Wall, which stars Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal.

Helmed by Zhang Yimou, the massive blockbuster blew the doors off with its stunning first trailer, before claims of whitewashing began to seep into the conversation. It’s a topic that Yimou, a director with more than 20 Chinese language films under his belt, hasn’t shied away from, noting that The Great Wall is the story of a collective struggle against a hoard of supernatural enemies. It seems the Chinese weren’t simply constructing the wall to fend off the marauding Mongols of the time.

Rooted in the 15th century, The Great Wall features such big-name Chinese actors as Andy Lau and Jing Tian, who have little choice but to join forces with three wandering soldiers – Damon, Narcos star Pedro Pascal and Willem Dafoe – in order to safeguard the sky-scraping fortification from monsters.

From what we see in this new trailer, the film promises a spectacle of epic proportions once it arrives early next year, but will there be much else to it aside from that? We’ll find out soon enough, as Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal are set to scale The Great Wall when Yimou’s fantasy blockbuster opens on February 17, 2017.