Disney Plus Is Adding 2 Scarlett Johansson Movies Next Month


At long last, Marvel Studios is finally on the verge of releasing Black Widow, the first MCU movie to come our way since Spider-Man: Far From Home in the summer of 2019. Fans have been waiting forever to see Scarlett Johansson get her own vehicle as Natasha Romanoff, and now the moment’s almost here, with the film debuting simultaneously in both theaters and on streaming in July. And, just as an extra treat, Disney Plus is adding another ScarJo movie to its library next month as well.

First of all, Black Widow will become available to watch on D+ on Friday, July 9th, the same day it makes its way into theaters. It’ll be released through the Premier Access banner, so expect to have to pay an extra $29.99 to view it. In addition to your regular subscription charges, this one-off fee means that Black Widow will be permanently accessible on your account to watch as many times as you like. Going by previous Premier Access releases, BW will then become free to stream for all users in three months’ time.

A week later, on July 16th, the Mouse House’s streaming service adds another Scarlett Johansson flick from 10 years ago, which should act as a welcome dessert for anyone looking for more content from the actress after BW. The movie in question is 2011’s We Bought a Zoo, a touching comedy-drama starring Matt Damon. Based on a true story, it follows Damon as Benjamin, a father of two who recently lost his wife who decides to buy a run-down zoo and reopen it. Johansson plays the young zookeeper who becomes a mother figure to Benjamin’s kids.

Coming just prior to her career going properly stratospheric with 2012’s The AvengersWe Bought a Zoo is a somewhat forgotten entry in ScarJo’s career – not to mention Damon’s – so fans will want to make sure to revisit it when it makes its Disney Plus debut in just a few weeks.