Disney Plus Is Adding 9 New Movies/TV Shows This Week


This coming week is a big one for Disney Plus, as the streamer is breaking convention and adding content on other days as well as Friday. The Mouse House’s platform typically only updates its library on the last day of the week, but the next seven days are an exception as new titles are also dropping on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Of course, we’re talking about the 17th’s LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special and the 18th’s double bill series premiere of The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse. The reason why these titles aren’t landing on Friday along with the rest is because they have significant ties to those specific dates.

The LEGO special is a tongue-in-cheek homage to 1978’s infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired on CBS – for one time only – on November 17th. And as for the new Mickey Mouse animated series, the legendary cartoon rodent made his world debut back in 1928 in the iconic short film Steamboat Willie, which released in theaters on – you guessed it – November 18th.

As for the usual haul, check out the full breakdown of what’s coming to Disney Plus this week below:

Released November 17

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special (Premiere) *Disney+ Original

Released November 18

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse – Episodes “Supermarket Scramble” & “Cheesewranglers” *Disney+ Original

Released November 20

Marvel’s 616 (Premiere) *Disney+ Original
One Day At Disney – Episode 151 “Season Finale” *Disney+ Original
Planes: Fire Rescue
The Mandalorian – Episode 204 “Chapter 12” *Disney+ Original
The Real Right Stuff (Premiere) *Disney+ Original
The Right Stuff – Finale Episode 108 “Flight” *Disney+ Original

Even without those two additional treats, this would still be a good week for subscribers, as Friday delivers a bunch of notable new arrivals. Marvel Studios documentary series Marvel 616 kicks off, while One Day at Disney reaches its season finale. The same goes for astronaut drama The Right Stuff. Meanwhile, D+’s jewel in the crown, The Mandalorian, debuts the fourth episode of its second season.

As for new movies, D+ is adding both Planes films this week. These Disney-animated spinoffs of Pixar’s Cars, released back in 2013 and 2014, making nearly $400 million between them, and with all three Cars flicks already on the platform, this means that the whole franchise is now available to stream on Disney Plus.