Disney Planning Live-Action Re-Imagining Of Beauty And The Beast

Disney has spent the last few years re-imagining or remaking the best fairy tales. After all, if people love the story, why won’t they want to see it again? From Alice and Wonderland to the recent Oz The Great And Powerful, these films have proven that they can be quite successful (at least in terms of box office figures), so it looks like this trend is here to stay. The next classic that Disney is looking to re-imagine is Beauty And The Beast, or as the new film may be called, The Beast

Trance writer Joe Ahearne is currently in talks with Disney to reinvent the franchise and the plan is to make the new film live-action and likely 3D.

Keep in mind, with a name like The Beast and a writer like Ahearne, the film may end up looking a little different from the sweet, heart-warming picture above. That isn’t to say the animated Disney film was all sweet, it was actually an extremely dark and, at times, terrifying film, but I have a feeling this live-action version may be less kid-friendly than the original.

Speaking of less kid-friendly versions, this film will have to compete with Guillermo del Toro’s take on the story, if he ever gets around to making it that is. Emma Watson is loosely attached to star as Belle for del Toro, but no word of any solid progress on the film has come our way since last year. The director has a busy schedule between Crimson Peak and the possibility of a Pacific Rim sequel, so Disney may have no problem beating him to the punch.

Disney is also working on a live-action Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh. That film is having some trouble finding a star, as Watson herself recently passed on the lead.

What do you think of The Beast? Is this a story that you’d like to see turned into a live-action film? Are you more interested in Disney’s version or del Toro’s? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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