Disney Delays Ryan Reynolds’ New Movie Indefinitely

Free Guy
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Ryan Reynolds often plays a major role in shaping the creative direction of the films he stars in. For instance, the Hollywood A-lister’s fingerprints are all over the two Deadpool movies, though that isn’t really that surprising given that he took the lead part in them, co-produced the flicks and even had an official writing credit on the sequel.

Over the years, many of his projects have been tailored to fit his self-aware and irreverent screen persona, and action comedy Free Guy looks no different in that regard. From everything we’ve seen of it so far, the film appears to be playing directly to his strengths and all signs point to it being another hit for the Canadian actor.

But Variety is now bringing us some unfortunate news, as Disney has decided to delay the movie and as of yet, they haven’t handed it a new release date. It was originally supposed to be with us on December 11th, but the Mouse House has pulled it from the calendar tonight due to – you guessed it – COVID-19.

Free Guy isn’t the only recent casualty, though, as Death on the Nile – which was set to release on December 18th – has also been removed from the schedule and is currently without a new date. Of course, this comes as a huge blow to theaters, who are still struggling to get onto steady ground and right now, there isn’t much left for them to show in 2020.

The last big movie still locked into its release date is Wonder Woman 1984, but with Free Guy and Death on the Nile having packed up and moved to 2021, we imagine that the Warner Bros. tentpole will follow suit very shortly. As mentioned above, Disney has yet to announce when we can expect to see these recently delayed films, but with any luck, we won’t have to wait too long into the new year to lay eyes on them.

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