Disney Are Developing Another Adaptation Of White Fang


For many, the news that Disney are breathing life into one of their old titles will evoke the following reaction: great, another dreaded remake! In the case of White Fang, that’s only half-true, with the studio returning to the original source material for a modern take on Jack London’s classic novel.

This will be the second time London’s adventure tome will be receiving the big screen treatment from Disney. Their first effort in 1991 was a mildly-successful version helmed by Grease director Randal Kleiser and starring a young Ethan Hawke. Taking artistic license in a move away from the sprawling book, the original feature focused on Hawke’s young lad during the Gold Rush era after he befriends a wild wolf. The pair inevitably bond and traverse the wild together, which varied considerably from London’s novel.

Will this new update remain loyal to the original narrative? If the names attached thus far are any indication, it has all the hallmarks of an Into The Wild-esque drama. Oscar-nominated scribe Jose Rivera, who penned Che Guevara road movie The Motorcycle Diaries, is working on the screenplay that will then be passed to Lance Acord, who’s slated to direct. Acord is known for his collaborations with Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola, working with both directors on multiple occasions as director of photography. With Acord’s keen eye for detail and Rivera’s love of the road, this pair seem like the perfect fit to recapture this wilderness fable.

Does the prospect of a new White Fang seem like a worthwhile endeavour for Disney? Or should they be developing new properties? Howl away in the comments below!

Source: THR