Disney Developing Live-Action Remake Of The Fox And The Hound

the fox and the hound

Those who grew up watching The Fox and the Hound should get ready to sob all over again. According to our sources – the same ones who revealed an Aladdin sequel was in development, and that Ewan McGregor is returning as Obi-Wan – Disney is reportedly in the early stages of developing a live-action remake of the 1981 animated classic for a new generation of fans. Though nothing has been confirmed by the studio as of yet, the film is likely to land on the Disney Plus streaming platform, from what we’re told.

For those unfamiliar with the original, the heartfelt movie featured the story of two unlikely pals trying to preserve their friendship despite their budding animal instincts and the nagging pressure from society that urged them to be enemies. The original flick subtly taught children a useful lesson about prejudice and how society often determines behavior.

The voices of Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Pearl Bailey, Jack Albertson, Sandy Duncan, Jeanette Nolan, Pat Buttram, John Fiedler, John McIntire, Dick Bakalyan, Paul Winchell, Keith Mitchell, and Corey Feldman were all featured in the film. It’s unknown who will make up the cast this time around, but it’s likely that Disney will manage to nab some big stars. Maybe they’ll even ask Rooney and/or Russell to return?

Since many of the characters are animals, the reboot will be likely be done in a style similar to the highly successful reimagining of The Lion King. This means that all of the characters onscreen will probably be hyper-realistically animated. Unlike the aforementioned film, however, there are actually humans in the original Fox and the Hound as well. Because of this, the studio will likely blend CGI with real actors, just as they did for Dumbo and are expected to do for the upcoming Bambi remake.

Details on the project are continuing to emerge, but be sure to keep checking back with We Got This Covered for more news as it breaks about The Fox and the Hound, as well as all of the other live-action Disney reboots currently in development, of which there are many.