Disney fans debating which princess has the hottest husband


Disney Twitter can often be a wild and lawless place, one that throws up all sorts of unusual debates between fans of the Mouse House’s back catalogue, but the most recent discussion to go viral is certainly one of the more wholesome.

While plenty of heroines to bear the title of Disney princess have been lacking in agency, largely due to their respective animated adventures distinctly being products of the time they were released, the studio has been actively seeking to rectify that approach over the last two decades.

As you can see from the reactions below, the latest Disney discourse sees the fanbase determining which character has the finest husband, and some of the reasons put forth are nothing less than illuminating.

Mulan is a name that comes up regularly, as does The Princess and the Frog‘s Tiana, with Aladdin‘s Jasmine rounding out the three contenders that have emerged at the head of the pack. We can count this as one of the more unexpected things to trend so far this week, but it’s still interesting to see how few names crop up regularly despite decades of stories to choose from.