Disney Fans Furious That Frozen 2 Was Snubbed By The Oscars


Today was a big day for film fans as the Academy released the full list of nominations for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. And the community hasn’t stopped talking about it ever since, as there are some seriously shocking snubs in there.

For instance, in a surprise move, the Academy hasn’t included Frozen 2 in the Best Animated Feature category. The five nominated movies are How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World, Klaus, I Lost My Body, Missing Link and Toy Story 4. 

All great films, of course, but Disney fans are furious that the second outing for Elsa, Anna and Olaf hasn’t got the recognition it deserved. Here are just a few of the passionate reactions from those who can’t…let it go.

The Good Place‘s Eleanor (AKA Frozen 2‘s Kristen Bell) is the best person to quote right now.

Some Disney lovers are even calling for Frozen fans to boycott the ceremony.

Others maybe aren’t so angry about it but are just in pure shock.

A sneak peek into Disney HQ today…

A robbery has taken place.

First of all, how dare you, Academy?

The Oscars is broken. Can someone please shut it down and reboot the whole thing?

Maybe the best response to the snub is this viral tweet, in which a user shared just a selection of the beautiful visuals from Frozen 2. The tweeter even argues that not only should it have been nominated, but it should’ve won.

This is definitely a disappointment for both the studio and fans, seeing as 2014’s Frozen bagged two Oscars, for Best Original Song and, yes, Best Animated Feature. Still, Disney probably won’t be too cut up. Toy Story 4 is still nominated and Frozen 2 currently stands as the highest-grossing animated movie of all-time (if you don’t count The Lion King remake, which they don’t). On the upside, “Into the Unknown” is nominated for Best Song, so the film still has a chance of snagging one gong.

Do you think Frozen 2 was snubbed by the Oscars, though? And who do you think should win this category? Have your say in the usual place down below.