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Disney finally acknowledges Deadpool in sneaky Avengers Campus easter egg

How could you leave out the merc with the mouth?


Since Disney acquired Fox, fans have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of Deadpool to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and while that hasn’t quite taken place yet, the character has finally seen some acknowledgment.

Disney’s Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris is set to get a new ride called Avengers Assemble: Flight Force and some lucky fans have had a chance to check out this experience at a pre-show.

One attendee managed to capture footage of the adventure that will see visitors help Iron Man and Captain Marvel stop the incoming Kree threat to Earth. During this, Iron Man searches for any available heroes where one card names everyone’s favorite merc with the mouth, Wade Wilson.

The profile says both Wade Wilson and Deadpool along with two other details about the character: ”Do Not Affiliate” and “No Thanks”. While this is the extent of the appearance it is also the first time a Fox Marvel character has been acknowledged and any such experience.

Previously a team member for a similar experience, Disney’s Avengers: Quantum Encounter, explained that these rides, while true to the MCU, do not exist in the same canon as the mainline movies and shows.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing Deadpool show up in the MCU anytime soon, but of course, there has been plenty of rumors that the character could show up soon.

As for what we know for sure, Deadpool will be returning for his third solo adventure and currently, this next movie is expected to arrive in 2023.

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