Disney Hopes To Make More Indiana Jones Movies In The Future


Lucasfilm’s biggest concern since their takeover by Disney has understandably been their crowning franchise, Star Wars. Excitement surrounding the seventh entry into the universally-adored series is at an all-time high, following the release of its first teaser and subsequent character reveals. While it may seem that the other titles Disney has inherited have taken a back seat, that’s apparently not the case, as Indiana Jones was recently brought up in discussion.

The news stems from a Tweet by Variety reporter Marc Graser, who posted the info after an interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger:

It’s not exactly a definitive yes, but it’s a hopeful comment all the same. It’s no wonder that Indy’s adventurous shenanigans have become less of a priority, as Graser went on to paraphrase Iger, stating that the folks at Disney are dubbing The Force Awakens the “$4 billion movie,” because the future of the franchise is riding on its success. As much as fans of the archaeology maestro might want to see a return to the big screen sooner rather than later, that could hinge on Star Wars’ performance.

Earlier in the year – after Disney’s Lucasfilm acquisition – rumours were flying thick and fast about the possibility of a new Indiana Jones franchise. In addition to the idea of two more sequels en route, Bradley Cooper and Robert Pattinson‘s names were thrown into the ring in connection with the role of Indy. Since then, we’ve heard little on the subject, until today.

On Disney’s part, it’s easy to understand their perspective. They’d rather wait to see how The Force Awakens plays out before they risk putting the wheels in motion for another series. But, come on, Star Wars is going to clean up at the box office! It’s a no-brainer. And Indiana Jones would fare equally as well, especially after the divisive Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull brought in $786 million worldwide. Disney might want to pace themselves, but will Harrison Ford still be physically able to take on the role by the time they’re ready to shoot?