Sliver Of New Avengers: Infinity War Footage Sees Shuri And Scarlet Witch In Action


Though Marvel kept a tight lid on the pic for a long, long time, the past month or so has seen a ton of Avengers: Infinity War content hit the web. Be it in the form of photos, footage, posters or juicy information thanks to both Empire and Entertainment Weekly’s blowouts, fans have truly been spoiled. And now, as we quickly approach release, it’s looking like things won’t be letting up in the slightest.

And that’s because we’ve got a sliver of new footage today thanks to a special that aired on the Disney Channel. Granted, it’s far from HD quality – as it comes to us from a recording of a television screen – but it does offer up a few seconds of Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Falcon and even Shuri in action via some never before seen shots.

Again, there’s not much here, but for those eager for anything and everything Infinity War, it’s sure to satisfy. Not to mention that seeing Letitia Wright’s fan favorite getting in on the fight is just plain awesome.

On April 27th, 10 years’ worth of storylines will finally come together for what Stephen McFeely, one of the screenwriters credited on Infinity War, calls the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – so far, at least – and all of its many plot strands.

This is about the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is about everyone getting together, or trying their hardest to get together, to fight a guy named Thanos. We’ve been teasing Thanos for many movies in 30-second clips, so hopefully all the lead up will allow us to really go to town with him and make him a villain that requires this epic level of storytelling That is the word I would use most often. It’s ridiculously big.

Avengers: Infinity War will place Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on a collision course with Thanos (and the Black Order!) later this month in what promises to be one of the most ambitious – one of the most audacious – superhero movies ever attempted, and we can hardly wait.

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