Watch: Leaked Disney Plus Promo Seemingly Confirms Black Widow For Premier Access


Ever since the pandemic hit, Marvel fans have wondered what the Mouse House would do with Black WidowMany have called for the studio to just drop it on Disney Plus already instead of repeatedly pushing it back. As it stands, though, the Scarlett Johansson vehicle is due to open in theaters in May, one whole year after it was originally set to debut. However, with questions over whether cinemas will be back to full capacity by then still lingering, there’s a possibility that it could land simultaneously on streaming. Alternatively, it could drop even earlier on D+.

That’s the shocking turn of events that this apparent Disney Plus leak reveals. A home recording of a supposed trailer for what the Mouse House’s streaming service has got in store for us in 2021 is doing the rounds online, and it seems to spill the beans on a bunch of exciting announcements. Among them is that Black Widow will be available on Premier Access from April 16th, a few weeks prior to its current planned theatrical debut on May 7th.

Premier Access was the premium level of D+ that was launched for Mulan‘s PVOD release in September. The live-action remake was available to watch for an additional $30. Despite folks complaining about the steep price tag, it’s believed that the strategy paid off for the studio, so it would make sense if they elected to follow a similar path for BW.

As you can see in the video above, the leaked trailer also claims that Disney 18+ is coming, an adult-oriented section of the service that would allow for the studio to add popular mature titles from their library, such as Deadpool and Logan, that they inherited from Fox. Likewise, it says that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is arriving next August.

But is this trailer the real deal? Well, it looks mighty convincing, but sometimes these things do and they turn out to be fake. No one has yet been able to confirm whether it’s genuine or a definite fraud at present, though, so we’ll just have to stay a little skeptical for a while longer.

But what do you think about this potential confirmation? Would you be willing to fork out the premium price to catch Black Widow early? Have your say in the usual place below.