Disney Plus Added 3 New Movies Today

Disney+ is continuing to add more to its catalog in celebration of the spooky season starting today with three pieces of children’s programming.

The three new additions include Mickey’s Tale of Two Witches, Muppets Haunted Mansion, and another Disney film called Under Wraps. As you may have noticed these three pieces of programming are targeted at younger viewers, but there’s no reason that the whole family can’t enjoy them.

Mickey’s Tale of Two Witches is another new Halloween special starring Disney’s iconic mouse character and his trusty companion Pluto. Mickey shares with Pluto a story about a pair of witches as they attempt to graduate from the witch academy while dealing with the threat of a mischievous ghost.

Another set of iconic characters getting a new special today are the Muppets thanks to the Disney+ exclusive Muppets Haunted Mansion. In this Halloween special Gonzo is challenged to survive a single night inside a haunted mansion.

Under Wraps is the final Halloween film joining Disney+ today and it starts a group of friends as they accidentally bring a mummy back to the realm of the living from within its sarcophagus. After dealing with the immediate shock the group comes to realize that mummies aren’t always terrifying beings.

If none of these shows interest you, just two days ago there was plenty of new content added to the service. This included Black Widow, the final episode of Marvel’s What If…?, and plenty more. Don’t miss out on browsing this new content on Disney+ over the weekend.